Official email services

Trmez For Information Technology official email services include:

Private domain name

Nazem can provide a private email domain name bearing the name of the company or organization, such as “”.
This reinforces brand identity and makes it easier for recipients to recognize your company's official mail.

Protection and security

Trmez For Information Technology is concerned with providing protection and security for official e-mail, including encrypting communications and protecting against spam and other security threats. Appropriate security measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information sent and received.

Dedicated email

Users in the organization are provided with dedicated email addresses, such as "". Email accounts for different employees and departments can be configured according to the company's organizational structure.

Storage and Capacity

Sufficient storage space is provided for your official company email. Storage size can be customized according to business needs and correspondence volume.

Access from anywhere

Official email accounts can be accessed from anywhere using desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, allowing users to communicate and respond to messages in a timely manner.

Technical Support

Specialized technical support for official email is provided by Trmez For Information Technology, including assisting users in setting up accounts and resolving technical problems and other inquiries.

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