Odoo ERP

Trmez For Information Technology provides a wide range of services related to Odoo ERP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of these services include:

Implementing the Odoo ERP system: Nawazem implements the Odoo ERP system for companies and institutions, including installing and configuring the system and customizing it according to customer needs.

Odoo ERP Customization: Odoo ERP allows great customization flexibility, and administrators can modify and adapt the applications and modules in Odoo to suit a company’s specific needs.

User Training: Nawazem team provides comprehensive training to users on using Odoo ERP, including the different applications and different functions they can access.

Technical Support: Nawazem provides ongoing technical support services to their customers, including solving problems and providing assistance in the event of any problems or inquiries.

Upgrade and Maintenance: Nawazem team provides upgrade and maintenance services for the Odoo ERP system, including installing updates, resolving errors, and ensuring the system runs smoothly. 

What is Odoo

Odoo ERP is a comprehensive system that contains a wide range of different applications and modules that cover multiple aspects of business management. Here are some of the main applications that Odoo contains:

Electronic Commerce (eCommerce): Odoo includes e-commerce templates and related functionality that allow you to create and manage your online store, handle sales, shipping, billing, and inventory management.

Sales Management: Odoo allows you to track and manage sales processes from the beginning of distributing offers, managing contracts and billing, and analyzing sales performance.

Purchase Management: You can use Odoo to manage purchasing processes including purchase orders, pricing, supplier management, and billing.

Inventory Management: Odoo helps you track and manage inventory, manage components, raw materials, and supplies, and achieve continuous inventory monitoring.

Production Management: Odoo includes modules for managing manufacturing operations, scheduling production, tracking costs, and monitoring product quality.

Customer Relationship Management – CRM: Odoo helps you organize and track your relationships with customers, manage marketing and the latest customer communications.

Human Resources Management: Odoo allows you to manage employees, payrolls, employee documents, and manage training and performance evaluation.

These are just some of the popular apps in Odoo, and there are more apps available that cover other areas like accounting, project management, repair and maintenance, etc. You can configure Odoo according to your specific needs and implement the applications you want to use in your business

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