Human resources consulting and job supply

Trmez For Information Technology is a company specialized in providing human resource planning

 it includes analyzing the employee needs of the organization and directing recruitment, hiring, development and employee retention strategies.

Recruitment and selection of employees

includes establishing effective procedures and tools to attract and recruit suitable employees for the organization, and evaluate and select them based on the required skills and experience.

Employee development

It aims to enhance the capabilities and skills of employees through continuous training and development programs, performance management and performance evaluation.

Compensation and Benefits

Includes determining salary, benefits, and reward systems that maintain employee satisfaction and encourage them to achieve the organization's goals.

Performance Management

Focuses on developing systems and processes to measure and evaluate employee performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and direct improvement strategies.

Public Relations Management

It aims to build positive and effective relationships with employees and external parties, and deal with issues of public relations and institutional communication.

Operations and staffing planning

is concerned with ensuring the availability of the human resources necessary to support the organization's activities and achieve its objectives, including strategic job planning, recruitment, development and change management.

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