Establishing and maintaining surveillance networks and cameras

Trmez For Information Technology is a company specialized in providing graphic design and motion graphics services. The company offers a wide range of services that include:

information technology

Trmez For Information Technology is an institution specialized in the field of information technology and security, and provides services for establishing and maintaining networks and installing and maintaining surveillance cameras. The company aims to provide integrated and reliable solutions to its customers in the field of security and surveillance.

Technical support and maintenance

Trmez For Information Technology provides technical support and maintenance services for networks and surveillance systems.
Technical support is provided via phone or remotely to solve problems and technical inquiries. Regular maintenance of devices and networks is also carried out to ensure their proper and stable operation.

Network design and establishment

Trmez For Information Technology provides its expertise in designing and implementing wired and wireless networks.
The network is planned and data routed in an efficient and secure manner to ensure excellent performance and meet customer needs.

Installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are proactively installed and configured according to client requirements. The cameras are connected to a central monitoring system and configured for optimal performance. The company also provides regular maintenance services to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the cameras.

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